Junior Golf Camps & Instruction

We have been teaching juniors for years! We offer both individual junior lessons as well as junior golf camps. We work with kids ages 8+ .

Our lessons cover the following teaching areas: Driving Range, Chipping, Putting, Balance, Rules of Golf and Proper Diet & Nutrition. Our rates for individual Junior lessons are: $72/hr for 1 junior, $86/hr for 2, and $100/hr for 3-5 juniors.

**For our junior golf camp pricing, please call for a custom quote. The pricing depends on the number of students enrolled and the location of the facility where the camp is hosted . Call us today at 206-486-7296 to inquire!

Driving Range Lessons

Our Driving Range Lessons cover the follow areas:

  • Proper Grip
  • Good Stance/Posture
  • Proper Swing & Follow Thru
  • Solid Hip Rotation
  • Good Balance
  • Overall Swing Fundamentals and how everything works together

The main goal of driving range lessons is to hone in on the hitting skills of the game and determine why the student is getting that kind of result. For example if your son or daughter tends to hit the ball to the left (“hook”) the ball, then usually they are swinging the club too much inside/out or have too much roll over from their hands forcing the ball to go left.

The main factors to focus on for this lesson is getting the fundamentals listed above down consistently, and working on gradual improvements on ball flight, accuracy and distance.

Chipping Lessons

Chipping is one of the most important parts of the short game. Chipping is where you score! With a chipping lesson you are focusing on touch & feel, fundamentals, shot planning and accuracy. We cover all of these items to help ensure you are chipping correctly.

The elements of successful chipping fundamentals are:

  • Proper grip & arm position
  • Proper swing- speed, club face position, playing the break, and stroke
  • Break Reading- being able to successfully read & understand breaks and how to successful utilize them.
  • Proper stance- your feet will stand differently in different chipping situations
  • Accuracy- how to chip the ball close to your target if not chip in!
  • Club selection- how to be able to determine whether to chip with a pitting wedge, 9 iron or 7 iron

Pricing for Individual Lessons

Juniors ages 8-17 & Seniors ages 60+ save 10%


Putting is the other key component to a good short game and lowering your scores. Many golfers can save themselves many strokes by having a good putting game. Putting is all about having patience, shot planning, accuracy and touch and you will learn all over these elements to successful putting.

The elements we will cover in putting are:

  • Successful break reading
  • Proper Grip, Stance and Swing
  • Learning the Pendulum theory
  • Understanding what different kinds of putters do (long, short, mallets, etc)
  • How to watch your competitors line, strategy and putt result and tailor your putting strategy accordingly
  • How to Win! Winning plan, Winning Mindset, Winning Result

Why Choose Us

  • You will learn the proper fundamentals and best tactics & skills for your golf game.
  • Dedicated instruction focusing on your success & improvement. Custom tailored lessons just for you!
  • 27 years playing experience, 10 years teaching experience.
  • Specialize in teaching beginners and intermediate players, however can assist advanced/avid golfers too.
  • On course instruction available
  • Specialize in working with Juniors & Seniors
  • Same rates as the pros but TWICE the amount of time for a lesson- you will learn more and get more out of your lesson with me.
  • On call 24/7
  • Far more interactive website than most other golf courses/Pros
    With my website you can: pay for your lesson online, interact with other students, access your lesson photos & videos, watch instructional YouTube videos and more!