Individual Lessons & On Course Instruction

Premier Golf Lessons offers individual lessons for kids ages 8+ (please see our Juniors page), adults and seniors (ages 60+). We are a full service mobile golf lessons company and teach lessons in the areas of:

  • driving range/hitting
  • chipping
  • putting
  • sand shots
  • on course instruction

We have over 10 years of dedicated teaching experience, you can trust us to deliver the most accurate information, proper fundamentals and most effective strategy for success on the market.

Individual Lessons cover:

  • Driving Range/Hitting (Irons, wedges, woods) (**Balls not included. You must buy your own range balls for any of the range services. This includes: hitting, chipping and putting. )
  • Chipping (**Balls not included)
  • Putting (**Balls not included)
  • On Course Instruction (9 holes= $250 flat fee, covers 2.5 hours max. 18 holes= $400 flat fee, covers 4.5 hours max) plus Greens Fees. (**You must pay for the greens fees for our personnel)

What you get out of an individual lesson:

Individual lessons are great for any player needing dedicated attention. Whether you are going through swing changes and just not connecting, or you need to learn the basics we can help you!

Here are the main benefits you get out of an individual lesson:

  • Dedicated instruction time with your coach
  • Customized lesson plan tailored to your issue
  • All ares of the game are covered- hitting, chipping, putting, and on course
  • Learn the proper fundamentals for grip, stance, swing, balance & posture, follow thru and more.

On Course Instruction

We are one of the leaders in On Course Instruction! This is a service where we go out and actually play 18 holes with you and help you along the way. You pay for our round and the teaching and we provide dedicated instruction and customized assistance while you play.

Pricing for On Course Lessons


  • Dedicated Instruction
  • Live learning techniques on the actual golf course- better for individual shot instruction on specific areas- hitting through trees, over water, etc.
  • Excellent strategy- club selection, how to hit those tricky shots effectively, reading your opponent, and more.
  • More effective overall instruction and a better understanding of various results when you get different shots.

On Course instruction is the most quality for of golf instruction because you can track your result and directly relate it back to your error, with many different kinds of shots.

Why Choose Us

  • You will learn the proper fundamentals and best tactics & skills for your golf game.
  • Dedicated instruction focusing on your success & improvement. Custom tailored lessons just for you!
  • 27 years playing experience, 10 years teaching experience.
  • Specialize in teaching beginners and intermediate players, however can assist advanced/avid golfers too.
  • On course instruction available
  • Specialize in working with Juniors & Seniors
  • Same rates as the pros but TWICE the amount of time for a lesson- you will learn more and get more out of your lesson with me.
  • On call 24/7
  • Far more interactive website than most other golf courses/Pros
    With my website you can: pay for your lesson online, interact with other students, access your lesson photos & videos, watch instructional YouTube videos and more!
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We teach kids ages 8+, adults and seniors. All skill levels welcome! Whether you’re a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced player we can help you. Dedicated lessons tailor to your needs and Driving Range, Chipping, Putting, Sand Shots and On Course Lessons available. Whatever issue you’re having we can help! We have 30 years playing experience, 12 years teaching experience. Call Us Today at 253-561-4820 for any questions or further information. Pay For Lessons here: