Referral Program

Refer someone to us and when they pay and take any of our lessons, classes or camps, we pay you $10 for your referral. We pay you in either Visa gift card or check you choose (no cash payouts- only gift card or check). You will be paid at the end of the process- only after your referral has signed up, paid and met with us to have their lesson or class.

*Please note that couples and groups of people (3-5 people) will count as 1 referral if they all take a lesson, class or camp together. For any groups greater than 5 people please call us for a custom quote.

Here’s how it works:

Say you refer your friends Jack and Jill and they take a Couples lesson together, then Jack and Jill would count as 1 lesson so you will be paid $10.00.

Another example: Say you refer 3 brothers- Luke, Henry and John. If Luke and Henry take a lesson together, and then John takes a separate lesson on his own time that would count as 2 referrals and you are paid a total of $20.00. Referral 1: Luke and Henry ($10), and Referral 2: John ($10).

For more information please call us to inquire at 253-561-4820. We look forward to hearing from you and working with your network!


Matt is a great instructor! Taught me proper fundamentals and worked on improving my grip and swing. Now I’m hitting the ball better than ever. My game has improved a lot.

Rob Peterson

Rob Peterson

The on course lesson was the best! Very informative and helpful, also learned some strategy and better club selection tactics.

Mark Stolle

Mark Stolle

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